Announcing the next phase for Reejig – $2.2M Seed funding

As seen in The Australian newspaper this morning, Reejig recently raised $2.2M to transform Human Resources (HR).

In today’s slowing economy and fast-paced digital age, there’s never been a more critical time to focus on jobs and your talent, and what that
means for your company?

At Reejig, we are well-positioned to help with all workforce transformation needs – from assisting large global companies, government, and academia to respond to today’s economic conditions and move talent within – to helping with longer-term needs and navigating the future of work (i.e. digitization, automation, reskilling, winning the war on talent, etc.).

Reejig is a next-generation Software as a Service (SaaS) that uses big data, deep learning, and audited Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help customers manage their evolving and complex talent management needs.

Our technology helps customers to maintain stronger talent pipelines, reduce the time and cost of hiring, integrate disconnected systems, improve staff mobility, productivity, retention, and succession, and considerably enhance gender balance.

Reejig also provides predictive intelligence and personalized actionable insights on; gender bias; where talent is sourced from; attrition and when to engage industry-leading talent (before they leave); when alumni are likely to move and when to engage them; movements of competitor’s talent; and, referral network connections. This coupled with market, industry, and competitor intelligence about salary insights and the skills of the future is helping customers to be world-class HR leaders.

We look forward to using the funding to scale our business, and to helping more customers optimize the link between talent and value.

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