Career Co-pilot

Empower your
people’s growth

Powered by our independently audited ethical AI, Career Co-pilot is the world’s most powerful career advisor. It shows people a career pathway that’s actionable and personalized to them, with options to pivot, stretch and grow their career depending on what they want. With it, you can make sure there’s zero wasted potential for them, and for the business.

With a deeper insight into people’s skills — past, present and potential — we help navigate people to the career path they want and create a more rewarding employee experience. We all know engaged employees perform better. Career Co-pilot keeps them engaged for as long as possible.

Dynamic career paths
for every employee

With over 400 million careers mapped, we know what the potential of each individual could be. Career Co-pilot helps people understand their potential by showing them other roles they could do within your company. Providing options to accelerate, reskill or pivot their careers, employees can feel confident there’s a career path for them at your company, where they can be their most fulfilled and do their best work.

Endless opportunities
to learn

With a more data-driven view of people’s skills, skills gaps, and their adjacencies, Career Co-pilot can help people identify and get the skills they need to move into other parts of the organization. Reejig integrates with leading learning platforms to unlock personalized learning experiences relevant to the skills people want to develop and matches them to the courses that are most relevant for now or for their dream job.

Pivot careers with

For those in need of a change, Career Co-pilot shows where else their skills might translate and can recommend a career path in adjacent or distant industries. Based on past skills, current skills, and personal preferences, our ethical AI can help people transition into careers they never even dreamed of.

Succession planning
made easy

High performers naturally gravitate towards companies where there’s the most opportunity for growth. With Career Co-pilot, you’ll create that culture of opportunity because you’re better able to spot potential, create a pool of talented up-and-comers, and help them step up to the next level by providing learning opportunities.

Reejig frees up my Talent Advisors to build relationships, take care of candidates and bring awesome insights to their stakeholders.
Brent Hills
Head of Talent Acquisition and PPC Operations, KPMG
Organisations have a responsibility to create an environment where talent can thrive. Opportunity, growth, learning and development based on experience and potential should be availability to everyone
Kate Mason
Chief People Officer, Coca Cola Amatil

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