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We believe in a better way to work. One that doesn’t pigeonhole talent, but recognizes their potential and encourages them to be their best. One that offers real workplace agility, no matter how complex the business. One that reduces uncertainty, reduces bias, and reduces costs. A way of working that means zero wasted potential for your business, your people, and society.

About us

The need for adaptive and resilient workforces has never been more critical. Rapidly shifting labor demands and greater global uncertainty affect us all, but when it comes to workforces, businesses face a specific set of challenges.

Our experiences showed us the difficulties first-hand – from poor visibility over which capabilities are held internally, to the use of out-of-date, often underutilized systems that mistakenly rely on employees manually filling in data. We decided there had to be a better way. So we created Reejig.

Since 2019, we’ve been passionate about helping enterprises and people future-proof their businesses and their careers. We’re determined to change things so that everyone can achieve their full potential at work.

Meet our founders

Siobhan Savage

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Siobhan is an award-winning workforce strategist obsessed with developing inclusive workforce intelligence and designing meaningful careers at scale. For almost two decades, Siobhan worked across the UK, Ireland, Middle East, South East Asia, China, Australia, and New Zealand, delivering the workforce behind some of Australia’s largest projects including the Melbourne Metro, Roy Hill, W2B, and Sydney Metro.

Mike Reed

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Mike is a highly accomplished technology leader with almost 30 years’ global experience in software engineering, cyber security, and privacy combined with commercial operations and corporate strategy for market-leading organizations across diverse industries. He has published and presented internationally on data security and the intersection between people, policy, and technology in security architecture.

Dr Shujia Zhang

Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder

With a PhD in machine learning, Shujia is an industry-recognized data scientist. She has more than 10 years of experience delivering complex projects in machine learning, data mining, deep artificial neural networks, and graph modeling. Her mission is to help organizations harness the power of ethical and humane technology to find and move talent, accelerate progress in gender balance and shape the workforces of the future.

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