The power of ethical AI

We take our commitment to the ethical development and deployment of AI seriously and we believe you should too.

That’s why we partnered with the University of Technology Sydney to develop the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI, setting a new benchmark in trust and ethics for our industry.

Reejig’s algorithms are compliant with global regulations on equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, and human rights including AHRC (Australia), EEOC (US), EEFD (EU), and EOC (UK). Put simply, you can trust that our artificial intelligence is a force for good.

A key barrier to the adoption of AI, and thus its potential to do good, has been lifted. This is significant for organisations who want to do the right thing and minimise risk to their customers, their stakeholders, and their reputation
Mark Caine
AI and Machine Learning Lead, World Economic Forum, on Reejig’s certification


So that businesses can enjoy the benefits of a diverse workplace, we work to remove unfair bias from the system.


We work hard to make sure you trust how our AI makes decisions, because we know that it’s the combination of technology and human expertise that leads to the best outcomes.


We work with experts and customers to create an algorithm that is easily auditable against the best real-world outcomes.

Privacy and security

With big data comes increased responsibility. We ensure that privacy is respected and data secured.

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