Insights from the Great Reejig Webinar

There’s no doubt we are all feeling the impact of the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, the global pandemic and more. As leaders we are continually faced with the question of how do we react and respond. Whilst there is an undeniable need to address the change, there is also a bigger play to be considered – a longer term view on how to build resilient, agile and engaged workforces that can absorb the next big thing that comes along.

It’s what we call The Great Reejig. The Great Reejig isn’t a one-off event in itself, nor is it a response to a one-off event; it is a permanent change in how we think about the world of work. And the way forward in this new world is to create a culture of zero wasted potential in people, in business and in society.

A world with zero wasted potential is where 🙋 every individual has access to a meaningful career; where 💼  every business can be taken to new heights because we are able to unlock the skills and potential of our people; and where 🌏  society has confidence in a working world in which everyone has access to fair and equal opportunity.

The Great Reejig webinar provides insights from top executives and HR leaders at Reejig, BHP, KPMG & John Holland on:

  • The impact of The Great Resignation and what’s still to come

  • Recent shifts in employee expectations and what your talent really want from you

  • Priorities for 2022 and beyond to truly “Reejig” your workforce for the better 

Top advice from our expert panel:

  • Know your total workforce, including your current employees, your contractors and gig workers, your alumni, your past applicants as well as your future workforce. Make sure you bring insight and data to the conversation to strengthen your future of workforce.

  • Be bold and to be brave. This is the time to turn to ideas and solutions that may be different to what we have traditionally leaned on in the past and put investment behind bigger, crazier ideas.

  • Don’t underestimate the change management requirements of a new approach to work. You need to bring the whole business, from leaders to contributors, on the journey with you.

  • Talent desire a hyper personalised experience from hello to hired. They want to be seen, heard, and engaged with. We need to bring the #rolemance back into play!

  • We’ve got one chance and one opportunity to move our industries up a gear by building a movement of zero wasted potential.

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