Insights from the Securing Top Talent webinar

We are faced with one of the most aggressive talent markets in history. Coined ‘the war on talent’, the demand for top talent is competitively fierce, especially as the values and expectations of talent continue to shift, bringing talent acquisition strategies and company values under the spotlight for many organizations.

If we look to the numbers, The Great Resignation is showing no signs of stopping just yet. The Australian Bureau of Statistics data showing total job vacancies in November 2021 were 74% higher than just before the pandemic started.

This isn’t a local problem — it’s a global problem with a similar story in the US, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrating that there were more than 10.9 million job openings in December 2021, close to the record high of 11.1 million published in October.

Talent professionals are finding it increasingly more difficult to fill positions, and teams are being asked to do more than ever before to reach, hire and retain talent.

Understanding the new world of work, and talent expectations, is now crucial for hiring teams and organizations as a whole looking to bring in the right talent for the future of their workforce.

The Securing Top Talent Webinar brings together industry leading executives and HR leaders from Reejig, Commonwealth Bank, Compass Group and Bunnings to give insights on:

  • What is it that talent expect from us as employers?
  • What does the ultimate candidate experience look like?
  • And how can we shape our organizations to win in this market with the ultimate goal of reaching zero wasted potential

Top advice from our expert panel:

  • Be up front and visible with your career pathways and internal opportunities for every hire. Careers are no longer linear, and the talent market of today aren’t wanting them to be. Offer talent the visibility to understand where they potentially can be, and if they’re able to *reejig their career into a new pathway that their skillset meets down the line.
  • Be prepared internally to rethink the requirements for roles. Flexibility is continuing to be a top priority to candidates, so it’s on organizations to proactively look at their job structures, shifts and offerings and adjust them to fit more kinds of talent lifestyles.
  • Understand your EVP and wrap it around the entire hiring experience. Talent want to work for companies that stand for something, and in a candidate market are willing to walk if they don’t get that. Review where your organizations zero wasted potential mindset sits and ensure you’re showing candidates that your company cares about their wellbeing, career pathways and satisfaction at work beyond placing them in a role.
  • Start treating your candidates like your customers, and applying a personalized consumer-grade experience throughout the entire candidate experience. Our experts recommended focusing on candidate experience throughout the hiring process and taking a product-launch style approach during the crucial 90 day onboarding period.
  • Unlock your data to get full visibility of your workforce. Integrate technology that can tell you everything a candidate has done before you, what they’re doing and achieving with you, and tell you those career pathways they can potentially move to next. We’re moving away from old hiring strategies where we focus on old-school indicators like job titles and focusing on placing and moving people around based solely on their skills and having access to the data to help us make these moves.

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