Knowledge Cloud

Reejig Knowledge Cloud

Reejig’s™ Knowledge Cloud is the mastermind behind our
Talent Intelligence Platform.

More than a database, our AI-powered Knowledge Cloud is self-expanding and self-describing, joining together billions of nodes with trillions of data connections.

Our Knowledge Cloud brings your talent ecosystem to life, connecting all the education, skills, knowledge, capabilities, experience and relationships of your employees, contractors, alumni, previous applicants, referrals, industry networks, external social connections, relationships and more.


Powerful search algorithms keep this data up-to-date, giving you unprecedented real-time insights into every aspect of an individual’s career journey, current knowledge, skills and capability – and they can also predict future career moves.


Empower your workforce strategists and talent teams to make informed talent mobility decisions. Incredible talent intelligence to keep your business agile, adaptive and resilient.

Simplify your job architecture by using machine learning to group your job titles, job descriptions, job families, talent segments and skills

Search quickly and efficiently through all of the skills, experience and knowledge across your entire organisation

Map your skills by job titles, departments, location, worker type and gender to give a strategic overview of your workforce capability and skills requirements

Analyse your entire talent ecosystem to understand the external talent skills and capabilities connected to your organisation across all work types

Transition and re-deploy workers out of roles that are redundant due to evolving business needs and workforce strategies

Find the right skills or experts for projects, bids, mentoring or succession planning

Reimagine your workforce