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​​Get the right people with the right skills in a room together and they can achieve almost anything. Reejig’s workforce intelligence platform is designed to help you find, hire and mobilize talent to where they’re most needed in your organization, so they can do amazing things together and give your enterprise a competitive edge.

Reejig provides visibility of the skills of all our employees and nudges them to apply for open roles that really closely match their capabilities.
Tessa Pittendrigh
Director, People insights and Planning, Transport for NSW
The Reejig AI is a critical contribution to target our efforts within our Strategic Workforce Plan.
Sally Elson
Head of People Advisory & Talent at MYOB
Reejig has reduced our sourcing time from 13 hours to a mere 42 seconds.
Brent Hills
Head of Talent Acquisition and PPC Operations, KPMG
Through our partnership, Reejig is demonstrating its commitment to ethical AI and to collaborative ways of working. It feels like a true partnership.
Carmel Pelunsky
Director Executive Talent, Woolworths

Live, dynamic profiles across your entire talent ecosystem

Your talent ecosystem sits across many different databases, both internal and external. Reejig’s independently audited ethical AI aggregates data from all possible sources including ATS, CRM, HRIS, VMS, and public data, enriches it, and uses it to create live, always updated skills ecosystem. Think of us as the central nervous system powering all elements of your talent ecosystem.

Reejig uses this ecosystem to create automated skill profiles of all your employees so you don’t have to rely on individuals doing it (fact: under 20% ever complete their skills profiles).

Previous applicants
Current employees
Contingent workers
Gig workers

Graduates and interns
Public available data

An unparalleled understanding of skills

To date, Reejig has mapped over 400 million career paths and with each one, we get better at understanding how skills relate to jobs, courses, and people’s experiences. Reejig automatically extracts skills from every type of information imaginable – from school transcripts and CVs to public profiles on LinkedIn, Github, and more. This means we have a vastly more nuanced and contextual understanding of everything from ‘soft’ skills like leadership to core competencies like Java.

With this, we can build a real-time high definition picture of every individual which identifies:

Skill adjacencies
Understand what skills are similar based on existing skills

Bridging skills
Know which skills will bridge the gap from one job to another

Likely skills
When no skills data is available, what skills is this person likely to have

Skills gaps
Understand where the gaps are based on your job requirements or in context of the labour market

Learning gaps
Understand what learning is required to move from one job to another

Skills recommendation
See which skills are recommended for next steps

Learning orientation
Provide behavioural nudges and actionable insights to help someone as they upskilling and reskilling

Human intuition made scaleable

Create a more engaging employee experience by taking full advantage of our automated ‘nudge’ engine. Reejig’s ethical AI predicts critical moments in a person’s career, whether it’s that they’re about to leave or that they’re a perfect match for an existing opportunity. Once identified, you can automatically nudge them with an email or text right at the opportune moment so that your people feel seen and heard and are always aware of the opportunities right in front of them.

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