Talent Mobility

Reejig’s™ Talent Mobility solution helps you create a liquid, agile and resilient workforce.

Reejig Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Match your employees against your open roles, not only to retain the skills and knowledge already within your workforce, but also to inspire and recognise your top talent within a culture of internal learning and growth.

Powerful Analytics

Analyse your entire workforce for demand, capability, skills and availability against a range of scenarios.

Reejig powerful analytics skills and strengths

Powerful Analytics Influencer Networks

Resource Management

Equip your Resource Managers with talent intelligence to connect the right person to the right projects based on their skills, experience, cost and availability.


Identify employees at risk of redundancy and help them find new career or training opportunities within your organisation.

Workforce and Succession Planning

Identify talent qualified to fill any unexpected or new job requirement and recognise when high performing individuals are ready for promotion.

Internal Expertise

Search all of the relevant skills and expertise within your organisation to source experts for tenders, projects, mentoring or secondments.

Reimagine your workforce