Reejig kicks into hyper-growth phase with latest funding raise

Reejig backers have almost tripled their initial investment, putting down an additional $15 million just four months after a $6 million Series A capital raise. The additional funds will be used to continue growing the team and fuel global expansion, with a new Silicon Valley team now ready to take on the US market.

The initial funding round was led by Skip Capital, headed by Kim Jackson and her husband, Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar, Airtree Ventures, Greta Bradman, and Culture Amp’s Didier Elzinga.

AirTree Ventures Partner, Elicia McDonald, described Reejig as one of the fastest-growing companies in its portfolio, with revenue growth that is best-in-class for a software company of its size.

“Reejig’s phenomenal year of growth is testament to the quality of the product, the exceptional team that management is building, and demand for workforce intelligence in the most competitive talent market we’ve ever seen,” she said.

Reejig CEO and co-founder, Siobhan Savage, said the capital would be used to advance Reejig’s expansion into new markets and team-building efforts, with the company using its own platform to drive the search for tech, product, and marketing talent.

“The world has been waiting for a long-term solution that allows organizations to create engaged and agile workforces while supporting their people in building meaningful careers. I’ve been so fortunate to help leaders all over the world navigate ‘The Great Reejig’, and this is just the beginning,” she said.

“We’re incredibly thankful to our funding partners for their belief in our zero wasted potential mission, and remain focused on creating a better world of work. Our team is experiencing hyper-growth and we’re so excited for the next chapter.”

Skip Capital founder, Kim Jackson, said: “Reejig has seen exceptional growth during the past six months, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. They’re rapidly signing up new customers after hitting on a clear market need for workforce management and developing what we believe is the best product in the market. The company is seeing a lot of demand in the US and beating out global competitors. We’re excited to help accelerate overseas expansion.”

Journey towards zero wasted potential with Reejig's Ethical Talent AI

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