Reejig Skills Intelligence

Reejig Knowledge Cloud

Reejig’s Skills Intelligence is more than a database – it’s an AI-powered knowledge graph.

Reejig’s powerful natural language processing and AI understands how skills relate to jobs, people, courses and each other.


Reejig understands and extracts skills in context from structured or unstructured data points within your current systems, and enriches it with publicly available professional data. This empowers your workforce strategists to design your workforce of the future.

Create your skills strategy with our proprietary technology on:

Skills extraction - extract skills in context out of position descriptions, resumes, LinkedIn and education

Skill adjacencies - understand what jobs or skills are similar

Bridging skills - what skills will bridge the gap from one job to another

Skills inference - when no skills are available, what skills does this job or person likely have

Skills gaps - skills gaps highlighted

Learning gaps - what learning is required to move from one job to another

Skills recommendation - what skills are recommended for next steps

Learning orientation - behaviour nudges and personal actionable insights to help a person navigate the upskilling and reskilling journey

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At Reejig we know we are tackling the big issues in workforce data, and recognise that in terms of research and innovations we are better together. Our applied research partnership with CSIRO-Data61 is one example of the world leading collaborations required to achieve our mission.


Together we are reshaping what is possible in skills intelligence, and developing the tools and understanding to extract meaning from big data to help large organisations take the skills and experience of today, to create their workforce of the future.

Being able to match technical skills to role requirements with both the Reejig insight and ethical AI is so important to us, as it allowed us to identify non-traditional career pathways and find great people who wouldn’t ordinarily be considered for these jobs.


Designing Meaningful Careers at Scale