Inclusive Intelligence

Visible Talent Pools Reduce the need to constantly advertise by keeping your talent pools visible and up-to-date, decreasing your reliance on advertising and sourcing tools.

Equal Opportunity Algorithims

While it is commonly understood that it makes good business sense to have a diverse workforce, the harder part is often the enabling of the behaviours to make it happen.


By having all the data aggregated in one place, Reejig’s inclusive intelligence becomes that extra voice to make sure your people make good and fair decisions.

Bake inclusion into every process

Designed for potential, rather than how you have traditionally hired, Reejig, provides gender-balanced boost algorithms, behavioural nudges to both employees and managers and creative hacks to remove unconscious bias.


This in turn enables equity into the processes an organisation goes through to hire, develop, retain and transition talent.


Reejig algorithms are compliant with a range of global regulations on equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and human rights including AHRC (Australia), EEOC (US), EEFD (EU) and EOC (UK).

Designing Meaningful Careers at Scale