Talent Acquisition

Enable your talent team to focus on what you’re really good at.

Reejig’s powerful algorithms and incredible quality of data will help you attract and hire your ideal blended workforce more quickly than you can make a cup of tea. Which will save you money for a fancy biscuit to go with it.

Talent Acquisition. Enable your sourcing team to focus on what they’re really good at.

Always up-to-date

Reejig data is always updated, constantly, and compliantly, aggregating publicly available online data served up to you with just one click.

Unbiased Shortlists

Reejig will provide you with unbiased shortlists using ethical AI and gender balance boosts to give you the best possible internal and external candidates for your open requisitions.

Talent Ecosystem

By having comprehensive and full visibility of your whole talent ecosystem, including competitors, you can pipeline with accuracy around gender, skills and geographical location.

Talent Intelligence

Reejig is like having your very own data scientist, with AI intelligence providing insights around when people are likely to move on and what their next job might be or gain priceless intel into what your competitors are doing with their talent movement.


This brings agility, innovation and cost efficiency to your talent acquisition strategy and the ability to respond to sudden shifts in global markets and labour demands, on top of business as usual.

Reejig™ reduced our time to source from 13 hours to 42 seconds

Brent Hills - Head of Talent Acquisition, Operations & Transformation, KPMG

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