Talent Management

By taking a full picture view of your people and their skills you can together make better, informed decisions about the next step in their career transition.

This makes sure your business is prepared for the future by investing in the right learning and the right succession plans for maximum cost efficiencies.

Career Pathing

Skills Strategy

Gain full skills visibility so that you can have informed and accurate data to power your talent transitions, workforce planning, career discussions and succession planning.

Career Pathing

Understand all the skills your employees had before they worked with you, what they gained while with you and what they could gain next, enabling you to engage with them by recognising their potential within your organisation.


Personalised, actionable Career Pathing for every employee’s next move, stretch and future career goals.

Succession Planning

Use the infinite intel from the Reejig mastermind to map out succession plans right across your business, without bias. Who can do the job now and who might be ready in the next couple of years through elevating, reskilling or cross-skilling.

Reejig has given KPMG insight into the skills capabilities of our previous, current and potential workforce. Not only have we kept our people in productive jobs, we’ve also been able to implement a new way to provide career paths within KPMG.

Brent Hills - Head of Talent Acquisition, Operations & Transformation, KPMG

Designing Meaningful Careers at Scale