Talent Mobility

Use Reejig to manage the fluid movement of internal talent within your organisation, increasing retention and engagement whilst boosting operational efficiency.

Whether you need to mobilise a business unit, team, or individual, Reejig will make your life a whole lot easier by doing the skills analysis for you.

Skills and Knowledge Create a validated knowledge cloud, mapping skills, job titles, experience and knowledge to truly understand your workforce capabilities - and compare it to the external market.

Opportunity marketplace

With Reejig you can create your own opportunity marketplace to mobilise your internal passive talent at the literal touch of a button. Unearth all of your employee skills, visualise your skills gap and nudge your employees into new opportunities – jobs, projects or gigs.

Create your own Talent Data Lake

Reejig’s creation of your own, unique data lake will allow you to analyse your entire workforce for demand, capability, skills and availability against a range of scenarios and nudge them with two-way bulk email and text personalisation.

Smart Mobility Reejig

Reejig brought all of our people data together on one platform. For the first time, we could look at the technical skills required in new roles accelerated by COVID and find where they already existed with employees at risk.

Brent Hills - Head of Talent Acquisition, Operations & Transformation, KPMG

Designing Meaningful Careers at Scale