Workforce Intelligence

Workforce Intelligence is the most valuable asset an organisation can have.

Reejig Robot

As disruptions of nature, technology and social expectancies take the world to new levels, organisations need to be agile and responsive to evolving business strategies.

Reejig has already mapped over 100+ million career paths (adding 100k+ a day), so you can analyse the markets that are important to you – trends in skills, talent flows, career pathing and capabilities.

Skills Intelligence

Can make you a genius at mapping:

Strategic and Organisational Workforce Planning

Career Pathing

In-Demand Skills

Skills Gap

Skills Adjacencies

Bridging Skills

New Pathways (reskilling or upskilling)

Predictive Intelligence

Predict the movement of your ideal talent to stay ahead of your competitors:

Attrition Risks


Alumni and Boomerang hires

Where talent comes from and where it goes to

Average Tenure (by job title, industry, gender and location)

Diversity & Inclusive Intelligence

Reejig algorithms  can help you identify and deliver on various diversity initiatives, as well as uncover your blind spots and risk areas:



Background and experience



Labour Market Intelligence

Reejig takes a big picture view to consider movements in the labour market:

Labour Market Intelligence

Emerging Skills & Occupations by geo

Critical capability mapping

Capability career pathing

Workforce Intelligence-as-a-Service (WIaaS)

Reejig’s Workforce Intelligence-as-a-Service makes sure your organisation can access the data and insights you need to make efficient and smart decisions about your people.


Whether you are looking at pre-transformation data reporting, labour market insights or competitor intelligence, talk to us, as our workforce strategists and data scientists can help you with proprietary intelligence in a one-off, full data report.

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