Talent Mobility

Talent Mobility

How KPMG Reduced their Time to Source from 13 Hours to 42 Seconds


Brent Hill KPMG

Brent Hills
Head of Talent Acquisition, Operations & Transformation, KPMG


The Challenge

As COVID-19 affected organisations worldwide, we had to come together as a business to try and understand the impact to our business, and our people. KPMG heads of talent from across multiple departments came together to identify not only which roles were at risk, but which roles we would see emerge in response to COVID-19.

This even outside of unprecedented times would be a mammoth task to get an accurate picture, as less than 29% of employees had up-to-date profiles meaning a lack of visibility of the skills and capability within our business.


The Result

With Reejig, were we able to quickly identify employees who possessed transferable technical skills, allowing us to place them in a centralised Talent Marketplace. The At Risk algorithm built into the platform then boosted those employees who held at least 70% of the required skills to the top of the list.

Additionally, Reejig identified overlap of technical skills between some at risk and emerging roles, enabling us to quickly redeploy those ‘at risk’ talent to meaningful work.


The Benefit

The pool of qualified employees KPMG can now consider in this one example is 9x than they would previously have had. When this pool is extended to include external talent within the Reejig ecosystem, this pool is 30x.