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We each spend a third of our lives at work; so making that experience better means everybody wins – individuals, employers and society.

Join our team of co-creators as we build a world with zero wasted potential.

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Change the world and the lives of thousands of people.

Our technology is enabling people, businesses, and society to reach their full potential at work. #zerowastedpotential

Flexibility & family first.

The Reejig team extends far beyond our Slack channel. We’re building the next generation of Reejiggers – so flexibility is just a part of who we are.


World class technology & data.

Be part of a world-first! We are building cutting-edge tech and have the world’s first independently audited ethical talent AI.


Access to a meaningful career.

Helping you reach your potential is our number one priority. Whatever career path you’re after, we’re here to make that happen.



We ask all Reejiggers to share in our vision and with that comes the opportunity for equity.


All the good stuff.

Team lunches, game nights, hack-a-thons, swag, go-karting, and whatever else our culture club can think of. We’re on it!

At Reejig, we are committed to creating a world with zero wasted potential.

A world with zero wasted potential is where 🙋 every individual has access to a meaningful career; where 💼 every business can be taken to new heights because we are able to unlock the skills and potential of our people; and where 🌏 society has confidence in a working world in which everyone has access to fair and equal opportunity. This is what we stand for.

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We brought the best skills from around the globe to create an all-star team.

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A great workplace combines exceptional people, cutting edge technology and the challenge of solving a real-world problem.

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