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A key barrier to the adoption of AI, and thus it’s potential to do good, has been lifted. This is significant for organisations who want to do the right thing and minimise risk to their customers, their stakeholders, and their reputation.

Mark Caine, AI and Machine Learning Lead, World Economic Forum

Reejig AI combines big data and automated learning to promise transformations across all industries and empower people to achieve more.

This technology is core to our mission to design meaningful careers at scale. We know this brings an important responsibility to make sure our AI is demonstrably doing good.


Being able to demonstrate that Reejig’s algorithms reduce bias in the data, strengthens the ability of our customers to make hiring decisions “on the basis of their individual merit and not because of irrelevant personal characteristics”.


However, if AI is not validated independently and externally, then you are taking the vendor’s word that their work is good enough. With this in mind, Reejig partnered with Executive Director Data Science UTS, Distinguished Professor Fang Chen to deliver the the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI certification, setting a new benchmark in trust and ethics across the global HR technology space.


To truly demonstrate that AI is ethical requires that our key principles are supported by trust. Moving beyond just implementing world-best design and development of an ethical AI framework, Reejig achieved the world’s first independent assessment and assurance of our AI.

Ethical Talent AI Deliverables

What does Ethical AI mean to Reejig?

We take our commitment to the ethical development and deployment of AI seriously and are committed to delivering transparency, accountability, fairness, privacy and security for our employees, our customers and your talent.


We also capture diverse thinking and background in all our teams and processes. We actively make sure our dev and testing team contains representation and participation.


Reejig algorithms are compliant with global regulations on equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and human rights including AHRC (Australia), EEOC (US), EEFD (EU) and EOC (UK).

Industry partners

Our official industry audit partners KPMG have been an integral part of this journey, not just in validating the outputs, but as supporters of the critical need for audited ethical talent AI in the market.

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