Opportunity Marketplace

Unearth and mobilize talent that’s hidden in plain view

Businesses need workforce agility more than ever before. But often when new projects come in or the business pivots, organizations look outside for help, which takes time and money. Opportunity Marketplace shows you the skills already within your organization.

Our independently audited ethical AI can identify employees with the right set of skills for the job and send them personalized ‘nudges’ to trigger their interest and keep them engaged. Reejig shows you exactly who has potential and can move those skills where they’re needed most. If you want a workforce that can fluidly adapt, upskill and transition into any business environment, you need Opportunity Marketplace.

Create a culture of
more opportunity

By giving you 100% visibility over people’s skills, Opportunity Marketplace helps you identify more opportunities to grow careers and engage talent across the organization. Manage the fluid movement of talent, tap into people’s passions and create a world with zero wasted potential.

Arm people with
the skills they need

Opportunity Marketplace helps you understand the skills gaps you have at individual, squad, and organizational levels, and recommends career development training and learning opportunities to bridge those gaps. So you can help others level up while shaping your workforce with strategic intent.

Bake inclusivity into
your business

Opportunity Marketplace ensures opportunities really are equal. Our independently audited ethical AI is based on principles of fairness, accountability, transparency, privacy & security, so that unconscious bias is reduced, and every recommendation is based on potential.

Retain great talent

People don’t leave jobs because they want to, they leave because they don’t have access to opportunities. Our ethical AI predicts who’s at risk of leaving with 80% accuracy. Opportunity Marketplace then nudges them with personalized career paths showing them exactly what’s possible in their career with you.

Build your skills

With over 400 million career paths mapped, our proprietary technology understands how skills relate to jobs, people, courses, and each other. While other talent marketplaces still expect people to manually complete profiles, Reejig automatically does it all for you. We can help you build a comprehensive picture of your skills landscape and see everything from ‘soft’ skills like leadership to core competencies like technology. Opportunity Marketplace also enables you to understand where there are similarities and gaps, infer what skills a person is likely to have, and see what skills are needed for talent to bridge the gap between jobs.

accuracy in ‘likely to move’ predictions


above industry average in employee engagement when opportunities are sent via nudges

Reejig is a game-changer, allowing us to grow, develop and retain our talent by having better visibility of their skills so that we can create a long term view of their future project work.
Anat Hassner
Chief People Officer, John Holland
Through our partnership, Reejig is demonstrating its commitment to ethical AI and to collaborative ways of working. It feels like a true partnership.
Carmel Pelunsky
Director Executive Talent, Woolworths
Reejig allows us to keep in touch with our alumni community as their profiles remain up to date in our talent ecosystem.
Brent Hills
Head of Talent Acquisition and PPC Operations, KPMG

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