Service Level Agreement

Last updated: June 2022

This Service Level Agreement (‘SLA’) is a policy that governs the use of the Reejig Software Platform (the ‘Services’) and forms part of the Agreement between Reejig and each paying Customer. In the event that there are any conflicting terms, the terms of this SLA will prevail but only to the extent of any inconsistencies, unless expressly provided otherwise in the applicable Statement of Work (‘SOW’). Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

1. Service Level Availability

Reejig will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Service available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9% (the ‘Service Commitment’) during each calendar month. The Service is deemed unavailable when authentication to the Service is not available or when at least one Core Reejig Function is not working.

2. Planned Maintenance

Reejig may plan a scheduled maintenance or upgrade to the Service from time to time. If a scheduled maintenance or upgrade is planned to occur during a Customer’s Business Hours, Reejig will provide the Customer with reasonable notice in advance.

3. Emergency Maintenance

Reejig may also be required to undertake emergency maintenance to the Service from time to time. When this occurs, Reejig will notify the Customer as soon as reasonably practicable.

4. Downtime Exclusions

Downtime or interruptions caused by factors outside of Reejig’s reasonable control such as unpredictable and unforeseeable events that could not have been avoided even if reasonable care had been exercised, including issues caused by third party providers (e.g. hosting providers) on which the software is run, will be excluded from the Monthly Uptime Percentage calculations.

5. Support Services

Reejig will provide Customers with support services via email to and the in-product support channel.

6. Incident Classification

Reejig classifies incidents based on the following table.

Incident PriorityDescription
P1The entire Reejig Platform is unavailable.
P2 One of the Core Reejig Functions is unavailable.
P3A Non-Core Reejig Function is unavailable, but the Core Reejig Functions are unaffected.
P4 A minor issue impacting usability.

7. Incident Response

Reejig will respond to incidents according to the following Priority Levels:

Incident PriorityTargeted Initial Response
P1Within 1 hour
P2 Within 2 hours
P3Within 4 hours
P4 Within 24 hours

8. Service Credits

Service Availability percentage will be measured on a monthly basis. Where Reejig fails to meet its Service Availability as described in this document and where requested by the Customer in writing during the month, Service Credits will be calculated and accrued as shown in the table below. Every 12 months the total amount of Service Credits accrued during the period will be applied against the next service fee, or paid as a refund to the Customer if the Agreement is terminated and no further service fees are payable.

Service AvailabilityService Credits
99.9% or above0%
95.0% - 99.8% 5%
90% - 94.9%10%
Below 90% 20%

9. Definitions

Actual Uptime: Actual number of available minutes in a month

Agreement has the definition in clause 21 of the applicable Master Services Agreement.

Core Reejig Functions include the login function, opportunity marketplace, opportunity detail page, talent profile page, and talent ecosystem search.

Downtime: The number of minutes in a month that the Service is unavailable.

Monthly Uptime Percentage: Actual Uptime / (Maximum number of available minutes in a month – Scheduled Downtime)

Non-core Reejig Function means any function that is not a Core Reejig Function.

Scheduled Downtime: Planned minutes of Downtime in a month

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