Service Levels

Reejig provides customers with the opportunity to create their workforce of the future. The availability, accessibility, reliability, and integrity of the Reejig platform is critical to our customers achieving their talent potential.

Service commitment

Reejig will use all commercially reasonable efforts to make the solution available with a monthly uptime percentage of at least 99% during any calendar month (the ‘Service Commitment’).

Service continuity

The solution is hosted with Amazon Web Services Inc (AWS), in their data centers in Sydney, New South Wales (AWS’ Asia Pacific (Sydney), ap-southeast-2 Region).

Backup services

Primary data for the solution is stored in customer-specific AWS RDS. The current backup policy for such data is: (i) continuous database backup via transaction logs, captured within five minutes of the last update; (ii) ability to restore to any point in time, retained for seven days; and (iii) monthly periodic backups.

Service restoration

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) describes the interval of time that might pass during a disruption before the quantity of data lost during that period exceeds the Business Continuity Plan’s maximum allowable threshold or ‘tolerance’. In other words, RPO answers the question: “Up to what point in time could the business processes recovery proceed tolerably given the volume of data lost during that interval?”


Reejig offers an RPO of less than 24 hours. Given the active backup strategy, it is likely that we can restore data to a point five minutes prior to the outage. However, in the worst case, a restore of the previous day’s backup is achievable.


The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in continuity. In other words, the RTO is the answer to the question: “How much time did it take to recover after notification of business process disruption?”


Reejig offers a maximum RTO of six hours from identification/notification of an outage.

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