Talent Acquisition

Source, discover and hire the best talent. Before anyone else.

With Talent Acquisition, our powerful ethical AI searches your entire talent ecosystem – that’s everyone from current employees, grads, and interns, to public profiles and past applicants.

This means you can recruit and shortlist potential candidates for open roles in less time. So while Talent Acquisition gets to work, your teams can get on with what they do best – strengthening and building relationships with people.

See dynamic
candidate profiles

Reejig continually pulls in and aggregates data from across the entire ecosystem, building live, dynamic profiles of millions of potential candidates. With Talent Acquisition, you have access to a wider pool of candidates than ever before. Find untapped potential in a single click.

Empower your talent teams

With Talent Acquisition in place, your people and culture teams have more time to focus on what they do best – building strong relationships and focusing on engaging talent. With the intelligence gathered from Talent Acquisition, your teams can be more strategic about every move.

Improve diversity within
the workplace

Our independently audited ethical AI is compliant with anti-discrimination laws around the world, meaning any recommendations are based solely on skills and potential not personal characteristics. Talent Acquisition can help surface top candidates from under-represented groups and create more inclusive candidate shortlists and teams. We bake inclusivity into your process by ensuring you’re hiring for potential and nothing else.

Automatic nudges for
new opportunities

In moments that matter, Talent Acquisition can give you a competitive edge by automatically ‘nudging’ candidates about new opportunities. Reejig’s Ethical AI is constantly analyzing the data to show you who’s most likely to move, who’s ready for a change, or who’s most suited to your new opportunity and can automatically nudge a candidate before they start changing jobs, giving you the ability to get to them first.

Hires from Reejig

of hires made are already in your ecosystem

Time to source

reduced from

13 hours to 42 seconds

Reejig is helping us to reimagine the way we manage our talent acquisition with an innovative yet simple platform delivering the most incredible market insights.
Sally Elson
Head of People Advisory & Talent at MYOB
Reejig is truly exciting technology. It has been a game changer, automating how we search and match talent through its powerful AI. Over 88% of the hires we now make with this new way of working come from Reejig!
Brent Hills
Head of Talent Acquisition and PPC Operations, KPMG

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