Workforce Intelligence

Get the intel to make smarter decisions

Workforce Intelligence is our powerful insights tool designed to provide you with leading indicators that show where your workforce is heading. It’s like your talent central nervous system, aggregating all of the people data across your enterprise, cleaning it up, and enriching it with what’s publicly available.

Workforce Intelligence builds a unique picture of your company at the macro level so you can use it to analyze and anticipate trends, demand plan against future scenarios, and reshape your workforce for the future. For People teams planning their workforce agility strategy, Workforce Intelligence is your competitive edge.

Manage attrition
and turnover

With Workforce Intelligence you can predict who is at risk of resigning and take steps to mitigate that risk by focusing greater efforts on engagement, identifying and providing greater opportunities for your most valued employees.

Plan the shape of your workforce

Workforce Intelligence shows you the leading indicators to accurately forecast recruitment needs. Understand which departments are poised for growth, predict future skills shortages, and see exactly who you’re made of, broken down by skill set, role, department, gender, language, age, and ethnic background.

Understand the flow
of talent

Get a head start on competitors by mapping workforce trends. Understand where new recruits are joining from, and who current employees are leaving for. Workforce Intelligence arms you with priceless intel on movements in the labor market, meaning you can succession plan and reshape your workforce with confidence.

Track your DEI performance

We built Workforce Intelligence because we believe being able to measure diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in the workforce is key to managing it. With Workforce Intelligence you can understand, track and report on how you’re performing against internal DEI targets, and manage any obstacles in your business.

Sally Elson

The predictive intelligence, with over 80% accuracy, has identified where key retention risks are, enabling us to focus on the highest priorities to retain and engage our workforce for the future.
Sally Elson
Head of People Advisory & Talent at MYOB

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